What do you think of the Pigeon Insider?


I just wanted to ask you a quick question…

What do you think of the Pigeon Insider?

Please post your comments here and let me know what you think of it, do you love it or hate it, do you like the articles and videos, have you found it valuable ect, just let me know what you think. I’m really looking forward to reading your comments.

Thanks so much,

Yours in the sport,



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184 thoughts on “What do you think of the Pigeon Insider?

  1. Hi Chris,
    My thoughts on , pigeon insider . Very informative. Much can be gained from the articles you post and also the videos . I think in general an invaluable site for old & new fanciers alike .
    If I can share this little story , when I was a young lad back in the sixties, I over herd a conversation between my farther and his older brother ( both pigeon men )
    As always when they meet up the conversation turned to the birds . On this particular day my uncle turned to my farther and said “ You will never know about pigeons by just sitting in your own back yard “ Never a Truer word said in my opinion. These days I reside in Spain the area I live in racing pigeon men are far and few between and as my Spanish is pretty poor . I find my self sitting in my own back yard . So your site gives me a chance to catch up with what’s going on in the rest of the pigeon world . So keep up with the great work your doing for all us pigeon fanciers . Wether old, young, male or female.
    Thank you Chris


  2. Hi Chris
    Its Johnna from Namibia
    Chris you do a great job the Pigeon insider promoting the sport in a level but the the exspensis kill the sport .
    Best Regards

  3. i have never bred a pigeon ..im a canary breeder but moving over to racing pigeons now. These posts are the only ones that make any sense to me and have only now figured out you race while you breed.
    I now am starting to understand the cycle of the racing pigeon.Could you me this when do you change the year on a pigeon ring.Canary rings change only in July prior to the breeding season.
    Thank you
    Gary smith

  4. As someone new to the sport i really appreciate it. I like seeing others viewpoints when a subject comes up . Really a Big help.
    Thank You Chris .

  5. I love it, when I get the time to read it. I wish I could purchase a printed set of all the articles at one time so i could read it in the 5 minutes I can grab between patients.

  6. I have been involved with racing pigeons for 50 years and enjoy reading the Pigeon Insider. I am concerned about the future of the sport. I keep hoping someone smarter than me will come up with a answer to the problem of lack of new young flyers.

  7. Hi Chris, This initiative is very informative and very helpful in terms of understanding small things that we usually missed to follow whilst work with racing pigeons. It is a great online site to learn and do much better for racing pigeons. Looking forward to get more information on this.
    Thanks much

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