What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

This weeks discussion of the week is…

What do you think the current state of pigeon racing is?

For example do you think pigeon racing is growing or dying and why, express your views and share with others your opinions on the current state of pigeon racing by placing your vote in the poll below then posting a comment in the comment section below this post.

What do you think is the current state of pigeon racing and pigeon keeping?

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624 thoughts on “What Do You Think is The Current State of Pigeon Racing?

  1. Wonderful past time! Those who compete are rewarded Those of us who just enjoynour birds benefit from the breeding of the competitors. I am grateful to them.

  2. The sport is growing in our province, as it should, because it is mostly from your home and an individual. In these times with Covid and restricted travel, it keeps you at home, out of harms way. The challenge is to keep the sport affordable for most. Transportation of the pigeons to liberation points, is very expensive, fuel prices keep on soaring. Luckily most clubs have full schemes and half schemes to fit most of the fancier`s budgets.
    They also have special rates and races for youngsters, just starting the sport. If you make it a family effort, the sport is even more enjoyable, with pleasant rivalry every weekend, waiting for the racers to return. Having a barbeque, enjoying quality time, with your family.
    The future of the sport in the Western Cape looks promising indeed.

  3. Its a economic situation in south africa,rising cost of good for the birds means i had to scale dpwn grom a hundred birds to about fourth currently,but hopefully the youngsters are keen enough to make a few wise choices and see the benefits ,the joys of soul nourishment can’t be overlooked in these challenging crazy times

  4. In indonesia, Pigeon Racing is growing fast.i’m a member of at least 4 prestigeous pigeon club, they are basketing at least 2-3 times a week. New members are flooding daily.
    I think people stay more time at home at current situation, they need to do their hobbies. Looking good now.

  5. I have been racing Pigeons since I was 12 years old with my dad and now race with my kids at the age of 44 ,and are combine is way down are club is way down ,and I feel the injection of big money to the sport is part of the decline in are great sport,and just the general cost of keeping Pigeons is a strain to any family how adays, iam a single father and it is very hard to try to be competitive with the birds ,we have to some how make it more affordable for small time back yard family pigeon fanciers or are sport will be lost,and the the big time breeders need to realize that the sport cant survive with there inflated prices for a pigeon it scares away many new flyers…

  6. To be honest I had no idea that pigeon racing was a thing.
    I knew that doves were released at weddings and that’s it.

    I was first introduced to pigeon racing in 2020 because I met someone in Cuba, where there it’s a big event.

    I joined your site to learn more about it … belive it or not birds kinda freak me out, but besides that I want to learn more and purchase items to take to Cuba

  7. here in the philippines pigeons are on the rise because i notice a lot of people are inclined to my opinion only

  8. For me the pegion racing here is growing because many people here the hobby is pegion and some of them are knowing how to upgrade there system in conditioning for there bird and like me they dream is to win in the race 😁😁😁

  9. Unfortunately there are fewer younger flyers in my area. Between the electronic timers and the shipping cost it can be expensive. Getting pigeons down the road for training to be competitive also can be tough for a younger person with a job and children. Club members working together to train, sharing timers and donating birds to new flyers helps. Unfortunately in my area the future does not look promising. A few dedicated flyers are keeping the local clubs alive.

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