*Video* Health Tip Adding Garlic to Your Birds Drinking Water.


Here is another great video from Dennis of hawkbait lofts, he shows how he adds garlic to his birds drinking water once per week. He simply takes 4 cloves of ordinary garlic and removes the skin then pokes holes in them ad adds them to one gallon of drinking water. The garlic helps to purify the pigeons blood if you notice your pigeons nose is getting grey the garlic will help turn it back to healthy chalky white, it helps with curculation helping the viens to open and the blood to flow. The garlic also helps in the birds intestinal tract you should also notice that their droppings become firmer.

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59 thoughts on “*Video* Health Tip Adding Garlic to Your Birds Drinking Water.

  1. Great video Dennis showed on adding garlic cloves to pig’s drinking water. I do that but was never sure how much garlic to useand whether to peel it first or not. Now I know.


  2. I use garlic also but was told by a vet not to have probiotics together in your loft due too the beneficial bacteria been lost from the garlic! Today il give garlic and take out all my bvm powder out that has probiotic already mixed in! Tomorrow il follow up with probiotics to return the beneficial bacteria that the garlic might have killed! The birds are in exellent condition this way just thought il share!

  3. Also chopping the garlic and mixing it with pigeon food can be given once a week it is useful for seasonal changing.

  4. Great Information — I did know garlic was Good For The Pigeons — as I take Minced garlic and sprinkle it on my pigeons food sometimes — But This I am sure is a much better way , also didn’t know what good it did for the birds , i just knew it to be an natural healer …. so great information , thanks A Bunch !

  5. Thank you, Dennis, I’m going into the kitchen right now for some garlic to take out to the loft. Appreciate your great advice. Janie

  6. I take the skin off the clove and then put it in a blender. You can make the clove into a thin mulch and add water or any substance you want to offer your birds. I use the blender on any thing I mix in the water. Works great.

  7. What we have found to be very effective in our lofts is the following:
    Using a juicer, juice Garlic, carrot and onion in separate glasses. add equal parts of juiced garlic, carrot and onion to a container and mix. The add 8ml of the combined to every 1 liter of water. The left over garlic, carrot and onion mulch in the juicer is also put in a bowl and left in the loft for the birds to eat.

    regards, AusPigeons http:\www.auspigeons.com (site under construction, but membership is welcomed)

  8. respected sir,
    thankyou for this very important information. you are very respectfull for mine, i have no words for your personality.simply thank you again.

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