What Can Fanciers Do To Help The Pigeon Racing Sport Grow?

Pigeon Racing GrowthLast weeks discussion of the week we asked what you thought the current state of pigeon racing was? alarmingly the general consensus seemed to be that the sport of pigeon racing was dying and the main reason fanciers felt this way seemed to be cost. The Pigeon Insider has fanciers from all over the globe so it was pretty interesing to see some of our friends from other parts of the world say that the sport was growing. Maybe we can learn from each other and get the pigeon racing sport to grow universally all around the world by learning what each one of us are doing.

So in this weeks discussion of the week we would like to know?

What do you think fanciers can do to help the pigeon racing sport grow?  

Post your comments on what you think each one of us can do to help promote the sport, also let us know if you have any ideas on how to lower costs etc. If your in an area where the sport is on the rise post your comments and let other fanciers know what has worked in your area.

We will be forwarding all of your comments to pigeon racing organizations around the world, Hopefully; together we can help the sport grow universally around the world.

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198 thoughts on “What Can Fanciers Do To Help The Pigeon Racing Sport Grow?

  1. I am in full agreement with Brian October 19, 2015 at 8:35 pm, post regarding the Boy Scout’s program, and I would like to add some additional thoughts.

    My thinking is that we’ve got to love the pigeon first, and then maybe we will graduate to racing.
    That is to say: Start by sharing with the prospective pigeon fancier, young or old, the pleasures of keeping pigeons. about;
    • being able to release a semi-wild bird into the sky, knowing that it will return in a half hour or an hour & a half.
    • the thrill of watching your own birds wheeling in the sky in a tight group and plummeting to the landing-board; seemingly because they belong to you
    • watching the eggs hatch
    • watching the squabs grow to adulthood
    • making pets of them

    Those are just a few of the pleasures that I’m teaching my great grandchildren. They are young kids and their birds live at my house but each kid “owns” a pair and each time they visit they learn something new about pigeons. They are learning to love pigeons at an age when great experiences last a lifetime.

    I know there are racers who love racing more than they love their birds. But I think the good racers love their birds first and then grow into a love for racing.

    1. Wow, Paul: it seems you’ve given this some thought!

      You know, it doesn’t have to be the Boy (or Girl) Scouts. If you have the time and will, maybe you can reach out to a nearby elementary school and allow them a small field trip to your loft. Then, if any show more interest, you could let them adopt a bird and visit it regularly.

      Thanks for sharing that with us!

  2. I suggest we focus on the youth, trying to get them interested in the sport. Fanciers and pigeon clubs might consider donating young birds for this purpose and “adopt” a young person with the aim of mentorship, sponsorship and showing them the ropes to keep birds in lofts, tossing, training and basketing them etc. AND helping them to enter birds in races

  3. Great morning and Peace and Blessings. Everything is TOP SECRET! Very few older club members are willing to share their knowledge with the new comers in fear of loosing their so called advantage…. On another point I believe that us as current flyers need to come together and promote the sport such as Boy Scout meetings and local community events.. Just my thought.. Rico Puerto Rico

  4. Hi
    My name is William, I have been out of the sport for over 35 years but intend to race when I retire, ( shortly, I hope ) The pigeon bug never really leaves a person I think. Perhaps its because in your own way you created that wonderfully athletic bundle of feathers which will fly its heart out to return to its home. It may take months or years but when that special pigeon rewards you by achieving the goal you set all that time ago there is no other feeling in the world quite like it. All combine & federations should set aside a % of funds for promotions, ie, local papers, engage with TV presenters, Show short video clips on evening news of big winners. Good luck to all fanciers. Achieve your dream.

  5. – pigeon racing clubs and associations should help each other to promote “pigeon racing”
    – help and educate beginners
    – support other clubs in their racing events

  6. I’m Arun Joseph from kerala,india. First of all I have to say sorry because I am not aware about Racing pegions and the thrilling sport related to it. In our locality only fancy pegions are available and I am a breeder of those at a starting stage. I am begging the help of fanciers all over the world to set up my Fancy pigeon Farm. In addition I declare that I would like to and I am always ready to help to establish the sport of pegion racing in our locality if your support.

    Thank you

  7. I think the main problem is that We are tossing Our old ways out the door and that is very sad, technology has become the normal of today, maybe if We encouraged People to understand there are far reaching possibilities that They have not thought about, for example what if an Electromagnetic Pulse took out Our grid? in a heartbeat no communications, but with Our banded Friends We could still send messages, other than that it has to start with the Young like getting Youth Groups interested, Years ago there was a made for tv movie with Michael Landon and Art Carney entitled “Where Pigeon’s Go To To Die” Watch it, get more People to watch it…

    1. I agree old practices are gone im 17 from ohio and had to find out how to train and fly from a very few people because i like to learn person to person

  8. Still say more support for new flyers money money is the biggest problem with this top loft want a unrealistic price for breeders old birds 6 plus years. Want thousands 0of dollors most are lated out by then. Make it were you can buy great birds for a working mans price or pay for shipping and box they don’t or won’t guarantee birds to raise so why rap US on price

    1. Sadly, money seems to be one of the most common reasons for whats killing the sport. Maybe together we can help change that around. Thanks for posting Bill

  9. I have been researching the hobby via the internet for several weeks. I have posted questions and comments on several Facebook pages about pigeon racing and sent e-mails asking question, but no one responded to my Facebook messages and the e-mail response I got referred me to someone else rather than answering my question. If this is a normal way that potential newcomers are greeted in the pigeon racing hobby it’s really not surprising that the sport is not growing. But for me it’s not really an issue of money, although I was surprised at the cost. For me it’s a matter of zoning and municipal ordinances. I would have to sell my home and move to become involved in pigeon racing, unless there is a creative alternative that I haven’t thought of yet that would help me overcome that “major” obstacle. My guess is that the “zoning” issue is a real obstacle that newcomers might have difficulty overcoming. Not everyone lives on a farm, in an area zoned for livestock, etc.

    1. Your best chance is to contact a individual person I am new to the sport but will help with what I can you can look me up on fb I’m on pigeon central I’m usually hard to find on fb because of multiple ppl with my name Samuel Miller I’m also on show of your racing homer photos both pages are popular and there are good ppl on there .
      My good friend Ron Deisher helped me get started and he can give you good solid advice aswell!

    2. How far do you live from the pigeon club , if your a long ender you’ll get better chance to win cause short ennders would have to given you minuted especially I’ve fly I would just stay there n fllly from there

  10. Mentoring programs like in Boy Scouts, advertisement.

    I am 42 and just heard of it.

    There is a lack of letting people know about it.

    How about showing a live race on ESPN

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