What do you think of the Pigeon Insider?


I just wanted to ask you a quick question…

What do you think of the Pigeon Insider?

Please post your comments here and let me know what you think of it, do you love it or hate it, do you like the articles and videos, have you found it valuable ect, just let me know what you think. I’m really looking forward to reading your comments.

Thanks so much,

Yours in the sport,



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161 thoughts on “What do you think of the Pigeon Insider?

  1. I need to add my comment that I think this site does more to promote and create interest more than any other site that I have seen

    1. Chris this is a great site especially interesting is the video and advice which allows us to get the whole picture. Your site is a great resource . It also has become a crucial part of how we at RR lofts do certain things.There are over 100 different sites out there but yours has been outstanding and very accurate with information. Pigeon insider has helped me in competing in our club FVC. This forum is where you can ask questions as well. We can’t all do it alone.” Even at 60 years of age.! keep up the good work Chris. F.R.

  2. Pigeon insider has something for all fanciers, regardless of age or experience and after competing in the sport of pigeon racing for over 50 years and in that time my birds have won thousands of prizes .
    I still look forward to reading the articles published on your website and learning new methods.

    Thank you

  3. Chris just wanted to say that you are doing a great job. And keep it up we need people like you in our sport. Lots of great information for every level of flyer.

  4. hi I am from Malta and when use alazol for cancer when I toss the pigeon 30% of them not came what is the problem side effect or another problem?thanks

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