*Video* Motivation Technique for Your Racing Pigeons

*Video* Motivation Technique for Your Racing Pigeons by Terry Moore

Here is a fantastic video from one of our resident pigeon racing experts Terry Moore. In this video Terry shows us how he uses his squeakers to help motivate his birds to race home faster. Check out the video now to learn this excellent trick for motivation.

*Video* Motivation Technique for Your Racing Pigeons by Terry Moore

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10 thoughts on “*Video* Motivation Technique for Your Racing Pigeons

  1. Thanks Brad
    I don’t use the darkness system on my young birds , but do have lights in my loft so that I have a full 12 hour day, all year round ,

  2. Hi Terry how long do you use this system until the youngster is wean.Also how far do you race the
    cocks and hens on this system.We fly from 100 to 350 miles in young birds Brad.

    1. I use it until the youngster r are wean , I find the younger it is the more they fly to it ,so once they stop sitting on it , then I only fly the cocks, this is great for sprint races , the nite away is the calling card , the, bird just wants to get home

      1. Hi Terry i don’t fly light or dark but i’m going to try part of your system for the shorter races we fly
        up to 200 miles and see what happens Brad.

  3. Yes the hen bird looks after it ,the good thing with this system ,the week after ,you fly your hens to the youngster, you can,t lose, .when ever I do this , I will only use breeders youngster, which I intend to keep ,or breed for someone , I never waste good birds .i always say ,think,twice ,cut once ,it’s all about planning,

  4. What happens to the youngster while the cock bird is away racing, is it left to die or does a hen then look after it? If left to die, then it is cruelty on two counts, waste of a young life,and emotional distress to the cock bird returning to an empty nest.More explaination is required from Terry.

    1. Hi, this system ,is great system for young birds ,and no I,ve had no problem with it , cock that are average, turn into winner,and are even better on hard races , if I had the space ,yes I would fly widowhood ,because I think it one of the best system around

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