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111 thoughts on “A BIG Thank you!

  1. i need a vitamins or tablets for my birds because i will join a race. what can you recommend sir?
    is amino acids and electrolytes is enough?

  2. 1.what are the things i have to consider on buying a pair of racing pigeons?
    2.after 3mos old i used to train my pigeons but most of them they dont come back any more,
    3.I think good breeding loft!

  3. Dear Sir,
    I would like to Know about 1)Droppings which are used for Pegion Race.
    2)Medicines used for Pegion Diseases.
    3)Nutrition food used during Pegion Race.

  4. Hi Cris, my name is John Fontes, i have been a member of pigeon insider for quite a wile, did a couple of posts, but I have not been very intervenient, at least not as much I would like to, but …..it´s life. Before I ask for your help I have to give you details of how we fly and where I live. I live at a small touwn called Chaves, all the way in north of Portugal. We belong to Oporto’s Association that distances 150 Kms from us. I usually say that our pigeons sprint to Oporto and then when they are already tired they have to strogle home thru the mountains that are over 1000 meters above sea levels. Our Club sends between 180/200 pigeons every week to the race in a universe of over 6000 pigeons, plus 20% of our races are headwinds and 75% are right wing winds wich is even worst. We usually don’t fly new borns, we just train them and keep them for next year beacouse we loose so many, even with the old ones we start with 100 pigeons and end up with a few every year, some of us don’t even get to the end of the season. This has made our birds much muscular over the years, our selection is made naturaly, the non resistent ones just don’t show up, every body says that that is how it is, but I still think that there has to be another way. There must be a way to reduce the losses. So this is wy I ask for your help, maybe there is better program that I can try, I dont no, something to help. Thbank´s for your time, and yours in sport, John.

  5. Very Good Site For Newbie,However Lots Of Very Good Info On Ever Thing To Do With Racing Pigeons. Lofts Fresh Air Traing . But When It Comes To Feeding Every Site On The Web Seems Not To Wont To Be very specify

  6. I’m grateful to Pigeon Insider all the information are very useful…How can we buy good breed racing pigeon? Thanks Chris God Bless! Please continue the support for the dying sports…More Power!

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