Would you like the Pigeon Insider to go Print?

Would you like the Pigeon Insider to go Print?

pigeon-insider-coverThe Pigeon Insider was started in 2009 and over the past 3 years it has received some great reviews from it’s members. The Pigeon Insider was started to help the sport of pigeon racing and the fanciers who participate to connect with one another and share their idea’s and opinions, with the greater goal being to help preserve, promote and grow the sport of pigeon racing. I think so far we have done a great job in doing just that!, The Pigeon Insider has helped build awarness for our sport and since it’s start has brought in and educated 100’s of new fanciers all because of the fantastic community that sorrounds it. So thank you so much for helping us reach these goals and helping support the sport and The Pigeon Insider.

Over the years we have listened to your feedback about the Pigeon Insider (both good and bad) to help make it even better. We have done things well and we have also done things not so well and your feedback has helped us to continue to make improvements and continue to make the Pigeon Insider better and better. We have always viewed the Insider as YOUR magazine because we base all decisions off of your feedbacks.

Initially we launched the Pigeon Insider as a digital solution to help keep costs down and to create a dynamic experience for you, where you can not only read the posts but comment and interact with the other users as well. This has proved to be very beneficial and your participation and commenting is the reason the Pigeon Insider has become so powerful. We get emails all the time from brand new fanciers who are new to the sport saying that they have learned so much just from other fanciers comments to the blog posts. So for those of you who comment and share your knowledge we want to give you a huge thank you!. You may not realize it but your comments and insights are directly impacting and helping others and the sport as a whole.

Over the years one common feedback that we have received was that some fanciers didn’t really like that The Pigeon Insider was just digital and actually thought it would be more beneficial if it were a print magazine where they could take it with them and read it at their leizure. As I mentioned before, going print involves alot more overhead and we started the Pigeon Insider as a digital magazine to help keep cost’s down.

Now going into our 4th year and after receiving such great feedback so far we thought that maybe it was time that the Pigeon Insider took the next step and went to a print solution as well to better help you and we thought that a print magazine teamed up with the dynamic nature of our digital magazine would be a fantastic combination for both you and the sport. The idea is that we would turn the Pigeon Insider into a print magazine which would be delivered monthly right to your door and each article in the magazine would have a link which you would be able to login to the digital version and posts your comments and communicate with other subscribers about each of the magazine’s article’s. Again going print does require alot more overhead and we would have to charge a yearly subscription fee to make it happen, we were thinking of the yearly subscription fee would be around $50 per year. and with that subscription fee you would get The Print Pigeon Insider delivered monthly to your door as well as you will get free access to all of our current digital products as well as any digital products that we create in the future for as long as you remain a Pigeon Insider Monthly Subscriber. As well as other perks we have planned for subscribing members including, monthly webinars, champion fancier interviews and Q&A sessions just to name a few.

So the reason for this post today is because just like any other decision we make with the Pigeon Insider we want your input!. So we wanted to ask you,

Would you like to see the Pigeon Insider go print and delivered to your door every month?

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Please use the poll above to post your vote and I want to hear from you so please post your comments in the comment section below this post with any questions or comments you have.

Thank you so much for everything and we look forward to making 2013 the best year yet for you and the Pigeon Insider!

Please let us know what you think!
I look forward to hearing from you
Yours in the sport,


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22 thoughts on “Would you like the Pigeon Insider to go Print?

  1. By our present technology today might as well keep it available online which is much easier and convenient. By just using a mobile phone can gather lots of data and articles regarding our beloved sports. Having it printed takes a lot of work and expenses.

  2. Hi Chris is this going to be an on going expense because you are going to have the e book and also a magazine and how long would all this stay at 50 US dollars you may be able to do it all right here but i do like the idea of a magazine it all comes down to cost for me Brad.

  3. that will bea nice idea and some of my friend would love it too.but our mailing office is not reliable and it might get lost along the way coz of theft(fancier too)…..

  4. if placed in print one could compile a collection of readings that could be used as a reference text. additionally many fanciers do not have the overall capability of downloading digital information.

  5. printed matter is already going obsolete beside huge overhead expenses fancier have to have additional bookshelf for storing.

  6. Hey Tom and Bob, yes I see exactly what your saying. I planned on putting alot of my own money into this project to help get it going because I thought many of the members wanted a printed version. I am glad I polled everyone because it looks more like it’s 60/40.

    However I am very glad to hear that many of you like the way it is 🙂 and I will continue to do my best to make it even better.

    Thanks for your comments

  7. I have in front of me a copy of the Sept. 29, 1986
    ” Racing Pigeon Bulletin” 50 issues for one year $21.00 (second class postage) Editor / owner
    Wayne A. Reinke. This issue has 20 pages which include front cover and back page total of 10 pages paid advertising, all black and white on regular paper.
    1. You need plenty of paid advertising.
    2. You need articles and information.
    3. You will need special equipment to publish.
    4. You need the time to put it all together and get it mailed.
    5. You need a large sum of money to get it off the ground.
    6. You better be looking for a large “write -off ” on your “income tax”.

    I am 68 years old and been in pigeons since I was 5 . I have seen many try and all have failed.
    Pigeon fanciers are basically “cheap” many are having trouble finding the money to keep their birds, I doubt they will support a new magazine for you even to break even. I am sure everyone likes the idea but few will support it with their money.
    bob prisco

    1. I must agree with Robert..I am 77 and have been into pigeons since a small boy I too have seen them come and go…I would not be able to pay for another mag…but I do enjoy reading it here…hope you stay where you are at…I like it!

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