Dr. David E. Marx D.V.M

Dr. David E. Marx D.V.M

Dr. David Marx, DVM,
is probably America’s best know pigeon veterinarian. An accomplished racing pigeon flyer, he was the founding president and a two-term president of the Association of Pigeon Veterinarian’s.

Golden Valley Pet
and Pigeon Clinic
2707 NW 60th Ave.
Norman, OK 73072

Dr. David E. Marx Articles

Dr. David E. Marx D.V.M

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6 thoughts on “Dr. David E. Marx D.V.M

  1. I and several others have used bleach for YEARS. How come others have so many problems with it???? I have also tried Nolvasan in the water with NO problems. (Just a bit more expensive.) Why is it that people that post bad things about bleach can’t spell??? I also know a one loft race that uses it for the past 8 years with great returns in his races. Could this be a coincidence with the bleach??? You bet it is. People say it makes their pigeons sick??? Is that pure bleach you are using or the NORMAL two teaspoons per gallon.

      1. Nice to meet You, i just want to ask:
        it’s good to use toltrazuril in pigeons?
        has Toltrazuril a negative effect on pigeon’s flight?
        can i use toltrazuril 3 days before a racing of the pigeons?
        thank You so much
        and Greetings from Colombia

  2. hi dr marx good morning,
    i am from Malta and i a question about metronidazole can i mix it with warm water becuse it is not easy to melt thanks for all

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