*Video* Feed Mixing for Breeding Racing Pigeons



In this video Dennis Weinreich of Hawkbait lofts shows us how he mixes feed for his breeders. He starts off with a 15% commercial pigeon feed mix that you can get at any feed supply and to that he adds…

  • 1 cup Maple Peas
  • 1 cup Safflower
  • 1 cup 16% chicken pellets (helps to raise the protein content and also has lots of vitamins and minerals)
  • 1 cup wild birdsees (it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and is good for the birds coat as well as helping to raise the protein content)
  • 1 cup organic rice (brown and white organic rice mix)
  • 1 cup Spanish Peanuts (helps add fat to the feed which is good for the babies)
  • Petimine (added a few times a week, rich in B vitamin and soy protein)
  • Olive Oil (about 1 tablespoon)

This is a great feed mix for breeders rich in vitamins and minerals and high in protein to help the parents stay energized and the babies grow nice and strong.

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36 thoughts on “*Video* Feed Mixing for Breeding Racing Pigeons

  1. well starting off with an unkown mix value and and an unkown protein level, let along the saturated fat and the oil levels, and then adding some more seed, well let me tell you it may not be wrong but I have seen nothing to say its right so the fact remains that the correct feed level is so important and I have used the correct feed mix for 3 years and my returns have been a point of talking for some time in the flying community so I belive that the truth is near if you spend the time looking, and have an open mind, sadly I do not have all the answers but do have the results and time put in and the right mixes remember digestion stability is the best thing for the birds and enough seed ,to enable them to build musscell texture and maintain it with reserves

  2. Intresting…. what would be the overall protein,fat… and omega 6/3 ratio for this mix? The breeders have to be a little bit on the hungry side, not good in cold climate. Those pellets will be eaten last when the babies are already fed. Any leftovers may go rancid. My Friend feeds very similar tight budget and comes out cheaper and is a good flyer. Why worry For the few miligrams of vitamins that may be on those seeds? If You put one measuring tea spoon is 4000 mg. of what You want, baby powder formula, pigeon vitamins or other. I prefer no vitamins on feed, in water ACV avery day since November Few types of grit and and pick pots and the young are robust and already moulting fly really well. Hope this helps. God Bless.

  3. hey guys feed mixed during breeding and condition for the breeders is good ang quality for the health of breders.. i like this post thanks for sharing this post verry informative!! during the race season i also add the (pili nuts) nuts oil this is verry effective for the health of pigeon racing fast recovery, build up for the muscle of pigeon. thanks

  4. Look,I dont know what to add here?Everybody seems to have a feed mix thats supposed to breed the best young one’s.I just keep it simple and give the birds what they want.I’ve tried pigeon mix’s before and the birds pick out all the pea’s and then just play around with the rest.They know what there chicks need.I’ll mix up pea’s,wheat,a little maise,and chicken pellets.Dampen with oil,and powder with PVM (pink,vitamin,mineral).Give plenty of health grit,and garlic in the water one day and probiotics the next.The young one’s are great.

  5. Good mixed of grains, but dificult to find some of them at home. But maybe there are alternatives of grain which is the same content of protein.

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