Secret #6: Breed for internal Qualities not External Appearance

Secret #6: Breed for internal Qualities not External Appearance

Some fanciers have pigeons which seem to have everything one could desire in a bird’s appearance:  wing, back, build, eyes, feather, etc.  However, these pigeons have never earned the feed that it cost to raise them nor the money it cost to buy them.

When a fancier selects pigeons in his or another loft, the pigeons’ appearance will almost entirely guide him.  The pigeons that have a nice appearance are the ones that he will always select.  Yet, so many times when the birds are counted at the end of a series of races, the pigeons which did not look the best are on the perches, and the birds which had every appearance of being fine pigeons are not home or lost.

Outwardly many pigeons seem to look good, but it is what is on the inside that counts on race day:  intelligence, orientation and navigating ability, motivation, determination, desire, heart and health.  Appearance, fancy pedigrees, and popular names are all equal, until the basket or race day arrives.

I consistently breed generation after generation from pigeons which possess these internal qualities.  I intensify and fix these characteristics in my birds so they will reproduce themselves in my youngsters year after year.

Secret #6: Breed for internal Qualities not External Appearance By Bob Prisco

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13 thoughts on “Secret #6: Breed for internal Qualities not External Appearance

  1. I Think what Bob is saying he is not saying not to use the basket he is saying once he has found his
    breeders the pigeons off these show heart and the will to win and he keeps breeding around that.
    Regards Brad.

  2. I feel everyone has different goals when it comes to breeding their birds. Some believe in controlled breeding, Others let their birds mate up with whom they want. Some breeders have deep pockets & buy the winners or their offsprings. For me I starting to raise my birds for enjoyment. Yes I pick the birds with the phsysical qualities that I feel would contribute to what MY birds should look like. I have no deep pockets. But if I can find a expensive bird.with these qualities, for sure if I can buy I will. After all most of these birds come from top breeders, who seperate the birds who fall short for them. Making space for the new babies. Leaving the siblings of their winners in lofts like mine. All I can say is “Thank You” to those top breeders who give a regular Joe a chance to own quality birds at a working mans’ wages.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but the baskett and racing are the only things telling the truth here. Heart can not be seen, only tested and proven.

  4. I Like And Respect what has been said about picking and breeding pigeons but what is funny to me is when you get 5 or more pigeon fanciers together all talking about this pigeon subject on winning ,breeding,Training,etc,95% of those guys won a race maybe once in the last 2 to 3 years, If we can see everybody race results you would see that the one that wins just about every week really doesn’t talk to anyone other than just to say hello


  5. But you can have it both ways It seems that most good breeders have a look thats hard to describe I think its character that we see. Certain pigeons have a presence, This is what I look for when I visit other lofts. One can have pigeons that are beautiful and win races. I race pigeons for a few months each year the rest of the year I have to look at them

  6. this is so true!i always look at color ( reds silvers grizzles ) but my best are blue bar, or dark ch, so yes this is very true, the out side of the birds,is nice, like a book cover, but the in side is what win’s races!!


  8. we look at eyesign, we look at the wing, we look at it’s back, i’ts a great pity that we cannot see what’s between the pigeons ears..

  9. i think breed for both bec. good racer has a gud eyesign and external qualities. if u have this both.. you can sell it on a biG/huge price. a breeders advice.thanks! HATCMAN

  10. no comment bec, good breeder and nice advice eyesign good breeder or good racer pigeon ok thanks

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